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About Claudia Rose: She isn’t a detective or an amateur sleuth. Claudia is a forensic handwriting expert who uses her expertise, in some cases to help understand the people behind crimes, and in others to authenticate questioned handwriting. She is in independent practice and sometimes consults to the police. In Inkslingers Ball, for the first time readers view much of the story from the viewpoints of Claudia’s LAPD detective boyfriend, Joel Jovanic, and her young friend, Annabelle Giordano.


NEW!!! Written Off 

In the dead of winter, handwriting expert Claudia Rose journeys to Maine to retrieve a manuscript about convicted female serial killer, Roxanne Becker. While searching for the manuscript, written by Professor Madeleine Maynard, who was, herself, brutally murdered, Claudia uncovers a shocking secret about a group of mentally unstable grad students, selected for a special project, and dubbed “Maynard’s Maniacs.” Was Madeleine conducting research that was at best, unprofessional—and at worst, downright harmful, and potentially dangerous? Could that unorthodox research have turned deadly?

Claudia finds herself swept up in the mystery of Madeleine’s life—and death—and makes it her mission to hunt down Madeleine’s killer. But Claudia soon realizes that Madeleine left behind more questions than answers, and no shortage of suspects. Seems the professor’s personal life yields a number of persons who might have wanted her dead—and her academic success and personal fortune clearly made her the envy of fellow faculty members. The University anticipates being the beneficiary of Madeline’s estate—but that seems in question when a charming stranger, claiming to be Madeleine’s nephew, turns up brandishing a new will.

The local police chief prevails upon Claudia to travel into town to examine the newly produced, handwritten will. Rushing back to Madeleine’s isolated house to escape an impending storm, Claudia becomes trapped in a blizzard. With a killer.

Outside the Lines

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What should have been a routine afternoon on the witness stand for Forensic Handwriting Expert Claudia Rose turns into a shocking assault that leaves her bruised and bloodied. Following on the heels of a series of other traumatic events, the attack sends Claudia to the brink of a breakdown.

Her fiancé, L.A.P.D. Homicide Detective Joel Jovanic, learns of the attack while leading a homicide investigation into a mailbox bomb. An innocent housekeeper in the tony Venice neighborhood is dead and the homeowner is the CEO of a major pesticide-producing corporation that has been targeted in the past. When a notebook found in a geocache near the crime scene leads to the protest group People for Safe Food, Jovanic needs Claudia to identify the handwriting of a suspected eco-terrorist.

Though she may have recovered physically from the assault, weeks later Claudia’s fears continue to plague her. Desperate to get away, she accepts an invitation to lecture in the UK, but her trip turns into a nightmare when she runs afoul of both the FBI and New Scotland Yard. Jovanic’s homicide case has followed her to London where she finds herself unexpectedly allied with the chief suspect.

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Poison Pen

Poison Pen-smWhen the coroner rules that Lindsey Alexander, a top Hollywood publicist, killed herself, her business manager retains Claudia to examine the suicide note found by her body. Claudia, acquainted with Lindsey from her university days, well remembers her ruthless self-promotion. As the investigation progresses, Claudia discovers Lindsey’s best-kept secrets and the questions begin to mount, along with possible high -profile suspects. At the scene of a horrific attack, she meets Detective Joel Jovanic, whose skepticism about handwriting analysis immediately puts them at odds.

Poison Pen was a winner in the South West Writers competition, and a runner up in the USA Best Books contest.

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Written In Blood

wib-smWhen beautiful young widow, Paige Sorensen, is accused by her stepchildren of forging their father’s will and handwriting expert Claudia Rose is retained to defend her, Claudia has no idea that she will soon become embroiled in a violent family battle. As she grows to know Paige better, she also develops a mentoring relationship with a troubled young student at the Sorensen Academy, helping her with graphotherapy. A shocking disappearance puts the spotlight on the student, and Claudia is forced to use every scrap of her wits and her courage to discover what happened and whether her young friend is really a brutal criminal.

Written in Blood was on the Top Ten list of the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association

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Dead Write

dw-smDating can be dangerous, so clients who can afford the services of eccentric Russian “baroness”, Grusha Olinetsky, are willing to pay the hundred thousand dollar fee she charges for an introduction to their perfect mate. Claudia gets involved when Olinetsky hires her to come to Manhattan and uncover apparent screwups made by her nemesis. The assignment puts her at odds with Detective Joel Jovanic, who suspects that Grusha herself is trouble. Drawn into the feckless lives of the rich and single, Claudia delves into a twisted world of love and lies fueled by desperation. But desperate enough to kill? Clues in the suspects’ handwriting might help Claudia save Grusha’s already dubious reputation before the names of more victims are scribbled into someone’s little black book.

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Last Writes

LW coverThe frantic search for a three-year-old, an estranged half-sister, a fanatical religious cult—Claudia’s friend Kelly learns that she’s an aunt when her estranged sister Erin shows up at her home in desperate need of help. Erin and her husband have been living quiet lives as members of The Temple of Brighter Light in an isolated compound. But now her husband and young child have disappeared, leaving behind a cryptic note with a terrifying message. Seizing an opportunity to use her special skills as a forensic handwriting expert, Claudia becomes one of the few outsiders ever to be invited inside the compound. She must uncover the truth about Kelly’s missing niece before the prophecy of a secret ancient parchment can be fulfilled and a child’s life is written off for good…

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Inkslingers Ball

book 6IB

A firebombing, a young girl found dead in a dumpster, and the disappearance of an investigative journalist. In Inkslingers Ball, Claudia Rose is back and her troubled young friend, Annabelle Giordano has a secret tattoo that could get her killed. Claudia joins forces with her LAPD detective lover Joel Jovanic, who uncovers a tantalizing handwritten document that has the potential to break several cases wide open.

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What She Saw

book 6IBA standalone novel of psychological suspense that follows a young woman through the terrifying labyrinth of amnesia, where no one is who or what they appear to be.
What She Saw is not part of the Forensic Handwriting Mystery series, but Claudia Rose and friends play an important role in unraveling the web of mystery.

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